South Australia Regional Workforce Designated Area Migration Agreement

THE DAMAS ensure that employers hire Australian citizens and permanent residents as a top priority. Among other things, employers must demonstrate a real attempt to recruit Australians before they have access to a DAMA employment contract. The following factors would give weight to the assessment that the employer has made real efforts to hire Australian workers: If a recent or previous business has been examined or controlled in the past five years, it must provide details as to why this occurred and the outcome. Please also read our Australian Immigration Adelaide article for links to more useful information on the types of visas available on an LA. The use of an agreement-based framework also offers a more flexible approach to the standard migration programme for qualified persons. It allows parts of Australia facing unique economic and labour market conditions and the formulation of an agreement with the Australian government to encourage skilled and skilled foreign workers to meet their needs that would otherwise not be available under the standard skilled migration program. Be aware that even if Immigration SA has approved a business, this does not guarantee that the Australian government will approve an employment contract for the company. Local businesses under DAMas are able to sponsor foreign workers under the employment contract, which is a skilled labour shortage visa (subclass 482) for occupations under DAMA that are not available to the “general public” under current migration programmes. Apart from occupations that are not available on current occupational lists, DAMas also allow semi-skilled occupations. The next step will be to outline the types of visas (i.e.

TSS, ENS and/or VISA SESR) that can be issued under the agreement. Under DAMA, employers can support skilled and skilled overseas workers in certain regions where skills and labour shortages are noted. Individuals cannot have direct access to a DAMA. Individuals must be sponsored: each DAMA covers a defined regional territory of Australia and is based on a two-step process. As a first step, a five-year agreement will be reached between the Commonwealth government and the representative of the region. The South Australian government has currently commissioned the following two DAMA: For information on employment contracts or other options for regional territories, the following resources are available: Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMAs) are formal agreements between the Australian government, represented by the Department of the Interior and state or territorial governments, known as the Head Agreement, to complement the human resources strategies of states, territories and regions, to assist employers in certain regions and to help them adapt to changing economic conditions.

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