Microsoft Customer Agreement Billing Profile

Disabled subscriptions cannot be transferred. Subscriptions must be in business condition to transfer their billing property. Select a billing section. Billing sections have the same name as their respective divisions in enterprise agreement registrations. Depending on access, you may need to choose a billing account. In the billing account, select billing profiles and then select billing sections. In the list of billing sections, select a billing section. The transition cannot be reversed. Once your Azure subscription billing has been transferred to the new billing account, you will no longer be able to reset them on your Enterprise Agreement listing. Microsoft Customer Agreement: A Microsoft customer contract billing account is created when your organization works with a Microsoft representative to sign a Microsoft customer contract. Some customers in certain regions who log into the Azure site for an account with favorable usage rates or a Free azure account may also have a billing account for a Microsoft customer contract.

You can have up to 20 subscriptions in a Microsoft customer contract. For more information, please see the first steps in your Microsoft customer agreement billing account. Complete the creation of your billing account before you expire in the enterprise agreement. When your registration expires, your Azure subscription services will continue to run continuously. However, you will be charged favourable rates for services. If you only have access to a billing area, select properties on the left. You have access to a billing account for a Microsoft customer agreement if the billing account type is a Microsoft customer agreement. If you don`t have access to billing accounts, you probably don`t have access permission. You can ask your bill account administrator to give you access. For more information, please see the following articles: Depending on access, billing administrators can access the billing areas of the new account in your Enterprise Agreement registration.

The following table explains the change in access when setting up: Notification contacts receive email communications via the Azure Enterprise Agreement. You are not supported in the new billing account. Azure credit and invoice emails are sent to users who have access to your billing account billing profiles. SaaS products are not transferred with subscriptions. Ask the user to contact Azure Support to transfer the billing property for SaaS products. With the ownership of the billing, the user can also transfer possession of the resources. With the possession of resources, you can perform administrative operations such as deleting and displaying product details. The user must be a resource owner for the SaaS product in order to transfer possession of resources. To set up the billing account, you need to change the billing of Azure subscriptions from your business agreement to the new account. The installation does not affect the Azure services that are run in your subscriptions.

However, it changes the way you manage the billing of your subscriptions. Enter the search field on the Azure Cost Management – Billing portal, then select Cost Management and Billing. Azure reservations in your Enterprise Agreement registration are carried over to your new billing account without changing benefits or durations. Transactions completed before the transition will not be displayed in your new billing account. However, you can check that the benefits of your bookings apply to your subscriptions by accessing the Azure Reservations page. The following graph shows the relationship between a billing account, billing profiles, debtors and resellers. Microsoft Online Service Program: A billing account for a Microsoft online service program is created when you connect to Azure via the Azure site.

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