Azure Customer Agreement

f. Previews. We can provide insights. Previews are provided “as expected,” “with all errors” and “available” and are excluded from THE SLAs and all limited safeguards provided by this agreement. Previews may not be covered by the after-sales service. We may change or stop forecasts at any time without notice. We may also decide not to publish a preview in general availability. “Preview” refers to a preview, beta or other pre-release or feature of Microsoft`s online services or software to get customers back. “portal” refers to the respective websites of online services that are located on, or on another website we identify. J. Additional software for the use of online services. In order to optimize the access and optimal use of certain online services, you can install and use certain software in relation to your use of the online service, as described in the online terms of service.

We`re having the software for you; We won`t sell it. Proof of your software license is (1) this Contract, (2) any order confirmation and (3) proof of payment. Your rights to access software on any device do not give you the right to implement Microsoft patents or any other Microsoft intellectual property in software or devices accessing that device. l. Force majeure. Neither party is responsible for the failure of performance for reasons that do not fall under the proper control of that part (such as fire, explosion, power outage, earthquakes, floods, storms, strikes, embargoes, labour disputes, acts of civil or military authority, war, terrorism (including cyberterrorism), acts of God, acts or omissions of internet transportation, acts or omissions of regulatory or governmental authorities (including the adoption of laws or regulations or other government acts). However, this section does not apply to your payment obligations under this contract. For customers who are currently purchasing Azure through their Enterprise Agreement Server – Cloud, check out the Microsoft Customer Agreement Switch FAQ. Reporting and Compliance Referring to Article 6 of the agreement, the customer must keep complete and accurate records of the products and services granted.

In addition, the customer must evaluate the acquisition, use and distribution of these products and services in each calendar quarter. Twice a year, the customer must provide records to Microsoft and Microsoft is entitled to a license check. Overall, software asset management is becoming even more important because of the strict rules of this agreement.

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