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Your Content This section deals with the ownership of your content and gives you your consent not to download violations of the rights of others. The following licensing agreement is granted for All In One Bundle, Complete Library, VR Sound Library, Pro Edit Library, Vietnam Sound Library and all sound libraries purchased on Bandcamp as an individual or business owner with hundreds of employers! Yes, an individual or multi-user license is ancient history for us! A license for everyone! By downloading or publishing your content on the platform, initiate an automated process for transcoding audio content and guiding SoundCloud, storing your content on our servers, from where you can use, reproduce, transfer, distribute, broadcast, broadcast, provide (including how users can listen to your content offline) and other communications with the public About their content on the platform and elsewhere, which can control and authorize services. If necessary for SoundCloud to provide you with one of the hosting services mentioned above, one of the tasks mentioned in these Terms of Use, including the distribution of advertising or other promotional materials on our platform, and/or to allow your use of the Platform, you grant these licenses to SoundCloud on a limited, global, non-exclusive, free and fully paid basis. After purchasing one or more of the above sound effects library, Free To Use Sounds grants the licensee (you) a worldwide license, not exclusive, free of charge, for the use of all or one of the sound effects described in this Agreement. SoundCloud and its subsidiaries, related companies, successors, representatives, directors, managers and shareholders exclude, with the utmost respect for the law, any liability arising from content uploaded by users to the platform, including claims for infringement of intellectual property rights, privacy or advertising rights, privacy or advertising rights, defamatory, pornographic or obscene material, or claims relating to the integrity, accuracy, currency or reliability of the information provided by the platform. By using the platform, you irrevocably waive the right to make claims regarding any of the above claims against SoundCloud or its subsidiaries, subsidiaries, successors, divestitures, employees, agents, directors, executives or shareholders. You can edit and customize licensed audio files for your production. You can share, duplicate and reproduce your production, provided that licensed audio files are synchronized (combined) with other sounds or visual images as part of the production. This does not imply the right to resell all or part of the licensed audio files as a standalone product or to include licensed audio files in a library of sound effects, a library of music examples, a sampling instrument, etc. (for more information, see “Restrictions”).

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